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Software for your computing enjoyment
Learn Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs


Only $19.95
  • Would you like to learn the writing of the ancient Egyptians?
  • Would you like to type in hieroglyphs, right from your keyboard?
  • HieroNote lets you do all of that and more...........
  • Hieroglyphic word processor
  • Hieroglyph Alphabet Tutorial
  • Determinatives Tutorial
  • In The Field at Tutankhamun's tomb
  • Quiz - Test your hieroglyphic skills
The Ultimate Font Tool for visually cataloging your fonts


Only $12.00
  • How would you access this character ², or this one , or this one Ç? With FontDings you can print a keyboard layout sheet and never have to search for that character again!!
  • View every character of any font right on your screen
  • Normal, Italicized or Bold
  • View all 233 available characters of any font set
  • Print a keyboard layout sheet of an entire font character set on one page
  • Select a single character for zoom in viewing to 72 point size
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