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Albert Campion ebooks Albert Campion
The Complete Collection in 20 Volumes. Includes all 19 novels plus the complete 31 titles in the Short Story Collection!

by Margery Allingham

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This collection contains every Margery Allingham Albert Campion Mystery including all 31 Albert Campion Short Stories in three different formats, EPUB, MOBI AND PDF! (You select the format that works best for your eReader). The Complete collection consists of the 19 novels and an ebook containing all of the short stories for a total of 20 Mystery Novels. Each book includes an Active (clickable) Table of Contents by Chapter and ALL of the original illustrations such as crime scenes, maps, etc. On the left is the Full list of the eBooks in chronological order as published:

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Each book is an individual file so you can load them one at a time if you like. Each book has an ACTIVE CLICKABLE TABLE OF CONTENTS. The mini CD includes an instruction text file explaining how to copy the book(s) to your electronic reader or your PC.

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    The 19 Novels
  1. The Crime at Black Dudley
  2. Mystery Mile
  3. Look to the Lady
  4. Police at the Funeral
  5. Sweet Danger
  6. Death of a Ghost
  7. Flowers for the Judge
  8. The Case of the Late Pig
  9. Dancers in Mourning
  10. The Fashion in Shrouds
  11. Traitor's Purse
  12. Coroner's Pidgin
  13. More Work for the Undertaker
  14. The Tiger in the Smoke
  15. The Beckoning Lady
  16. Hide My Eyes
  17. The China Governess
  18. The Mind Readers
  19. A Cargo of Eagles
    The 31 Short Stories
  1. The Case of the Old Man in the Window
  2. The Case of the White Elephant
  3. The Case of the Man with the Sack
  4. The Borderline Case
  5. The Case of the Question Mark
  6. The Case of the Widow
  7. The Danger Point
  8. The Definite Article
  9. The Case of the Pro and the Con
  10. The Black Tent
  11. The Case of the Frenchman's Gloves
  12. The Case of the Hat Trick
  13. The Case of the Longer View
  14. The Case of the Name on the Wrapper
  15. The Case Is Altered
  16. Safe As Houses
  17. The Meaning of the Act
  18. The Dog Day
  19. A Matter of Form
    The 31 Short Stories (continued)
  1. Mr. Campion's Lucky Day
  2. The Unseen Door
  3. Face Value
  4. One Morning They'll Hang Him
  5. On Christmas Day in the Morning
  6. Joke Over
  7. Mum Knows Best
  8. Tall Story
  9. The Curious Affair in Nut Row
  10. Little Miss Know-All
  11. The Villa Marie Celeste
  12. The Snapdragon and the C.I.D.
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